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68 Dudley-Oxford Road
Dudley, MA 01571
Mr. William Chaplin, Principal
Fax: 508.943.5956

Shepherd Hill Regional High School

Principal: William F. Chaplin, Jr.
Asst. Principals: Michael D. Resener & Andrew J. Leach, Jr.

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Core ValuesXổ số miền bắc chủ nhật tuần trước: "Committed to Excellence" Shepherd Hill Regional High School is dedicated to educate, challenge and empower students to succeed in the 21st century. With "Pride and Unity", we foster intellectual achievement, civic responsibility and personal growth.

Beliefs About Student Learning: Through quality instruction in a safe and stimulating learning environment, we encourage students to be inquisitive, resourceful and responsible learners. By cultivating respect and a strong work ethic, we are confident that our students will excel in the present and meet the demands of the future.

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Learning Expectations